The Evolution of Investment Banking in M&A Strategies with Paul Carleton (Ep. 29)

The Evolution of Investment Banking in M&A Strategies with Paul Carleton (Ep. 29)

Private equity firms have evolved since they first started growing in the eighties. What role do they currently play in M&A procedures and business planning?

Listen in as Mark Dorman and his guest Paul Carleton, founder and managing partner of Carleton McKenna, share stories from Paul’s initial steps in the field. Explore how investment banking has evolved and become more specialized, and reflect on the burgeoning world of private equity. Paul highlights the critical role of storytelling in drumming upmarket competition and sheds light on how investment bankers play a key part in getting businesses ready for sale.

Mark and Paul discuss: 

  • The evolution of the investment banking industry
  • How does an investment banking firm establish its value and create competition in the marketplace
  • What approach does Carleton McKenna take when working with clients
  • Why is continuous learning important for both clients and advisors
  • And more



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About our Guest: 

Paul H. Carleton is Managing Partner of Carleton McKenna & Co., LLC, which was founded in 2001 to provide strategic and financial consulting services to corporations with a focus on healthcare, technology, and consumer products.

From 1978 to 1988, Paul held various titles at McDonald & Company and achieved the position of Managing Director in charge of the Investment Banking Group of the firm. In 1988 he formed the Carleton Group which in 1993 was transitioned to Carleton, McCreary, Holmes & Co. He held the position of Senior Managing Director at CMH, a position he maintained through the firm’s acquisition by KeyCorp in 1996. 

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