From Leading a Company to Mentoring Others with Brian Gale (Ep. 17)

From Leading a Company to Mentoring Others with Brian Gale (Ep. 17)

Reading about exit planning can only take you so far. How has your business grown in the past few years? How will your exit impact future growth? What should you look for in an advisor?

Learning from someone who has experienced exit planning firsthand can grant new insight into opportunities in the future.

In this episode, Mark Dorman speaks with Brian Gale, a business consultant and investor, on his experience as an entrepreneur and his transition out of the business. Brian provides insight into the exit planning process, from the transition to a new career to the business considerations owners should know.

Brian discusses: 

  • His journey as an entrepreneur, business owner, investor and consultant
  • Why consolidations have increased within the business world and how they impact business planning
  • His advice for business owners looking to exit their business on top
  • And more


Connect with Brian Gale:

Connect with Mark Dorman: 

About our Guest: 

Brian Gale is a proven leader with an 18-year track record of building businesses, improving profitability, driving growth, and developing teams; 14 years as owner, CEO and Board Chair. Brian understands and uses the levers that impact business results – solid strategy, devoted people, positive culture, loyal customers, and financial stewardship. He has a record of success across the entire enterprise life cycle – visioning, early stage, capital raising, high growth, M&A, sustaining, revitalization, and turnaround. He is personable and trusted, respectful and respected; equally at ease with board members, shareholders, peers, colleagues, and associates. Brian has a strong background in finance and strategy, coupled with an ability to lead and deliver results, he ensures a similar approach and outcomes in the future.

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